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Hi, I am Lilian from Propertising.
Entrepreneur, Marketer, Advertiser,
Real Estate Professional, ex-Hotelier.

About Growth

ProperLilian Entrepreneur Starting the Day
The growth of a successful business has very little to do with how profitable it is at any given time. Sure, eventually everybody wants to make more money in their business, and making money is the result of being successful but that is not why we do what we do.

Timeless time

ProperLilian Blog Time
Time: There is no way to stop it, manipulate it, or escape from it. The only thing we can do is make the most of it. Early in your life you probably didn’t think about time in the sense you will do later. So, Gen Z is spending time in everything and anything and that is ok.

Communication solves problems

ProperLilian Communication
Being able to communicate effectively will make our lives easier, but why do we have such trouble communicating? Maybe Richard Feynman had an interesting insight on communication...

Is AI a threat or an opportunity?

ProperLilian ChatGPT AI Technology
We can understand that currently, AI tools can help Real Estate Professionals save time and effort. No harm in that right? But what will happen in the future? Is AI going to take over and replace humans in Real Estate?

There is no I in Team

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What makes a good team? The people. How to attract the right people for your business? Well, my advice is...

Sell Real Estate in 2024

Sell Real Estate Properties in 2024
Real Estate is an old industry, but does it have to be obsolete? If you want to sell properties in 2024, you have to...

Get shit done!

ProperLilian Article Productivity

Why is it so hard to wrap it up? “Being a perfectionist is an excuse not to ship”, Seth Godin said in a Linkedin course recently. And that is not the first time I heard it. It seems people have…

Are You Still A Business Anonymous?

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From a customer perspective, trust is a mandatory objective. The reason to choose you, over anybody else. All customers, as human beings, have an urgent need to pay for a service or product that can ensure it is real, will be delivered, and does solve -even partially- a problem.

How Some Salespeople Sell Ice

Properlilian sell ice to an eskimo
Selling a property is extremely hard, that is for numerous reasons, one of which is the high price of properties and the fact that a property is one of the most expensive -the most for many- single “things” people are purchasing...