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Are You Still A Business Anonymous?

From The Shadows To The Spotlight

If you act like you are the Business version of Batman hiding in the shadows of anonymity, then no wonder sales won’t work for you.

From a customer perspective, trust is a mandatory objective. The reason to choose you, over anybody else. All customers, as human beings, have an urgent need to pay for a service or product that can ensure it is real, will be delivered, and does solve -even partially- a problem. The reassurance of the above is your obligation. There is only one way to build trust and that is being present, showing up every day for your customers, and letting them know that they can reach you on their own time and terms.

If you “expose” yourself publicly in a consistent manner and you say, “I am here for you”, then customers understand you are brave or bold enough to stand behind your offer so they can allow themselves to trust you.

Now ask yourself, are you present? and can they find you?

What I do, is what I ask you to do. I am present and I automatically become empathetic towards my clients, even if we do not share the same point of view in life or have the same values. I do that with no magic tricks; I just do it because I have to and I am fine with that.

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