Sell Real Estate Properties in 2024

Sell Real Estate in 2024

Stay ahead of the game

Real Estate market is an old game. But it is changing, as all industries do. Innovation, internet, customer care practices, sales techniques everything is progressing and is already affecting your business. The ones that are going to embrace innovation and new tools are the ones that will be able to gain the customer’s attention and will generate more sales than their competitors.

So if you are interested in staying ahead of the game then you have to re-evaluate several things. Everyone is online and not just being present online but actively working to earn client’s trust in a new way as fast as possible.

Networking, personal relations and word of mouth are always going to be effective way to expand your market share but it is not enough, not anymore.

You must do more, more than having a passive website, more than a hard-selling landing page, more than average social media engagement, more than an ok customer service.

Content is the new game changer for consumer engagement. Creative, valuable, and meaningful content that is interesting, and inviting but most importantly: making a promise.

Why do you have to shift your focus on content marketing now, and not wait until others do it first?

Because you have to re-think your competitors. Your actual competition is not only other companies in the same industry… your “competitors” is everybody that serves the same audience as you do. Let me explain…

Let’s say you are selling luxury homes, your target audience has already high expectations from you even though you provide better quality services and properties than your competitors. Your customer is also a luxury vehicle customer, and he/she is used to enjoying high-quality customer care from brands like Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, and others. So when that same customer knows that he/she is about to give x10 times more money to purchase a home, at least expect to be treated with the same customer care as he/she is being treated in a Mercedes dealership, a luxury hotel, a Michelin Star restaurant.

They are constantly comparing your marketing, your sales your customer care with all those services and products that are in the same category. They expect high-value Marketing, loyalty programs, a dedicated manager on stand-by 24/7 to answer their questions … you get the picture.

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