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There is no I in Team

That is so cliché but, it is true!

What makes a good team? The people. How to attract the right people for your business?

Well, my advice is to make your business desirable.

A great place to work, create, and receive more than a paycheck. People are people and there is great potential in almost every one of us. The thing is how to inspire your people to be present, active, and care about the outcome of their work.

Have a purpose in your company, and let people know about it. Care about ethics and fairness. Be human in your leadership. I know things can get stressful and money is important but if you solely do business to get rich, then there is no guarantee that you can have a loyal team around you unless you pay them incredibly well, but that will reduce your richness … so no.

You cannot have the cake and eat it too.

This post is dedicated to my partner Andreas. It is his name day today!

happy name day Andreas

Andreas is a person I feel I can rely on and I am making sure he can rely on me too, every single day. We have started a company together and we face all challenges and happy moments together. It is not always a playday at work but having such strong support from your partner is a great relief and a reason to party.

Andreas is the co-founder and CTO of Propertising, he is the tech guy. He has enormous experience in all technical, and he is also always willing to learn more that will improve our services for our clients. He is a result-driven person. Clients love him, he goes over and beyond to make sure they are safe.

I love how Andreas and I share the same values and work ethics. Keep in mind that we are very different people, with very different past experiences and viewpoints.

The main secret in our relationship though is communication. True, open, sometimes brutally honest communication. We are both strong believers that we can talk about everything and since we respect each other we always find a way to solve our issues and make the right decisions.

Thank you to my partner, there would be no Propertising without you, I appreciate you!

And for all of you reading this, thank you for your time, and go take care of your team.

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