ProperLilian Marketing Tactics Mix and Spices

Your Marketing Tactics Mix can be as diverse as Eastern Spices

How can you know which one to choose?

Marketers all around the world will tell you how to design your Marketing Strategy in 72.890 FREE youtube videos, but they won’t tell you exactly which tactics mix you should use.

That is for 2 main reasons

  1. They do not know. Actually, each business is unique -even within the same niche- so marketers can only use their past experiences along with guessing and praying to get lucky. Most of the time they also combine that with A-B testing, just to make sure they have not missed a jackpot.
  2. They will not share any “trending or hot” information because they cannot afford to take the risk of underperfomance. While Strategy is a theory, tactics are the specific activities that are expected to bring the results.

You see, marketers are businesspeople. They must be careful and bare responsibility for their advice or else they are risking their authority.

If you want to figure out the tactics mix that will work for your business, then my advice is to study your customer’s behavior and be present where they are. If you yet do not have any customers, you must reach neophiliacs. The people who are searching for new trending trains to hop onto… so you better be present around trends that fit your industry.

Tactics mix can be so diversified… Imagine curry, can you have a single recipe for curry and not be tempted to figure out or search for a new more mouthwatering one?

I just can’t…

Sharing is Caring ;)


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