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Have set the wrong goal for growth?

When I started Propertising I asked myself “Why are you doing this?”. The reason I do Marketing and Advertising is because I am passionate about communication. But that is not the full answer.

The true “why” is because I want to solve a problem for professionals like me, people struggling with communication in their business. I overall struggled with communication and being understood from very early in my life; so, my greater goal is to be better and better and better and then even better in communication. This is a very ambitious goal. But what I realized is that only if one has a greater goal, sometimes a personal goal, there is a chance to find a way to grow their business and become successful.

Running a successful business has very little to do with how profitable it is at any given time. Sure, eventually everybody wants to make more money in their business, and making money is the result of being successful but that is not why we do what we do.

So in the beginning when you are just getting started you will have to equip yourself with patience and commit towards your greater goal rather than expect a fat personal bank account.

There is nothing wrong with people who aspire to money-making. If you are money-driven, then the shortest path to making money is investing. You do not have to be an entrepreneur and you don’t have to start a business that solves any random problem that is not money-related. If you want to make money then that is your higher goal, you do not have to deviate from that path or go around the globe to land in the neighboring town, just go straight there.

Now for those of you who want to solve a problem for the sake of solving a problem then you will have to focus on the business rather than the business’s profits. Even if this sounds hard, you should not consider upgrading your lifestyle before developing your business.  

Growth can only occur via both hard consistent effort that drives us and investing and re-funding the company repeatedly. Over time a change in our lifestyle may occur but that is not why we do it, it is just a by-product.

Do you agree?

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