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Why is it so hard to wrap it up?

“Being a perfectionist is an excuse not to ship”, Seth Godin said in a Linkedin course recently. And that is not the first time I heard it. It seems people have been screaming at me, It is GOOD ENOUGH but I kept on giving.

Truth to be told, making something perfect is less important than delivering a good enough project on time, within budget that also meets the specs. 98% of your best effort is good enough, maybe 95% is also good enough and your client can NEVER make a difference from 98%-100% but that 2% can cost double the money, get you behind schedule but most importantly will make people unhappy! So fuck that 2%. Do the job, complete the task and deliver the promise.

I know your next thought… Impostor Syndrome. Deal with it.

When in doubt, ask yourself, do impostors have an impostor syndrome? No, they don’t! They have no doubt they are impostors. So if you are afraid you are not good enough and feel like an impostor, then probably you are just fearful. And rationalizing fear is a way to deal with it. You will probably never going to avoid it, but you can deal with it and keep moving forward.

Next time you are thinking of trying to stretch the deadline because of your insecurity and fear, stop and just complete your deliverables.

I do never again want to make my clients unhappy and impatient and feel insecure because of my fears. And that is my promise to them today.

Now, I have to go, it’s time to get that shit done!

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