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Attracted by shinny objects

Does luring your clients really work?

The biggest mistake businesses make is often in the early stages of decision-making process. Once you have set your goals, strategy and tactics to reach them you have to go back and evaluate the effectiveness of your tactics. Creating an irresistible offer for your client is a good mindset to start with, don’t get me wrong, but is it honest, ethical and will it be sustainable on the long run?

The only way to evaluate your offer is to take into consideration the actual value for your clients. Do your clients really need what you offer the way you are offering it? Most of the time those irresistible offers will get you some clients because they seem very optimal and highly persuasive on the ads but in my experience is that it is almost impossible to predict their efficiency. So if they are not evaluated and optimized regularly you will experience a decline of performance overtime.

Figuring out the ACTUAL needs of your clients can only happen with their input and honest feedback. If you regularly require feedback and constructive criticism from your clients, you are more likely to optimize that offer and from highly persuasive to be a more chill and reasonable one because it will end up being exactly what they would like to receive from you and willing to pay for!

Your client’s benefit is a long game. If you make an offer that is great for them and not profitable enough for you, you will have a financial issue. If your offer is highly profitable for you but not valuable enough for your clients, then they will stop collaborating with you eventually.

The hard part is that it is YOUR job to request and “fight” for proper feedback. Most of your clients will not initiate helping you optimize your products and services because it is much easier to choose another supplier when your offering is not good enough for them.

So what I need to remind myself regularly is that my initial offer should never be my final offer. There is hard work included in the process. Also some of the times the initial offer is so off and I am just delusional that potential clients are ready or even want what I offer.

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