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Hi, I am Lilian from Propertising.
Entrepreneur, Marketer, Advertiser,
Real Estate Professional, ex-Hotelier.

3 Main Real Estate Investor Types

Real Estate Investor
Every property contains multiple details that contribute to a successful sale. However, not all of this information is equally useful to every type of real estate investor. By accurately identifying the investor type..

Attracted by shinny objects

ProperLilian Attracted by Shinny Objects
Luring your clients with an irresistable offer is just another tactic marketers use. Your client’s benefit is a long game. If you make an offer that is great for them and not profitable enough for you, you will have a financial issue. If your offer is highly profitable for you but not valuable enough for your clients, then they will stop collaborating with you eventually.

Sales Promotion or Awareness?

ProperLilian Sales Promotion Vs Awareness
Sales Promotion Vs Awareness, which is more important? Sales promotions drive immediate sales, while awareness ensures a lasting presence in consumers’ minds

Why do Businesses Fail?

ProperLilian Why Do Businesses Fail
3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail to reach a 10 year milestone. All businesses experience failure at some point, just as people make mistakes. However, being prepared for failure increases the chances of your business surviving.

The Warren Buffett Phenomenon

ProperLilian Blog Wealth Tree Warren Buffett article

Do you really want to be like Warren Buffett? Warren Buffett is a super successful investor and businessman, age 93. He is majorly known for his investing strategies and his dozens of pieces of advice to those who want to…

The paradox of choice – Choice Overload

ProperLilian blog overchoice

When Choice Overload is Demotivating What do your clients do when they have too many options or what we now know as Overchoice? According to the Jam Study conducted by psychologists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper from Columbia and Stanford…

What is Advertising?

ProperLilian Blog what is advertising

What does advertising practically do? It enhances your communication, and it brings your products and services before consumer eyes. It does not make anything better; it just creates the opportunity for a client to pick you and your products If…